"I want something I want - something pretty."

[Karl has given Sarah a lift home after the Christmas party. They are standing on her doorstep]

Karl: Well, I-I'd better go.
Sarah: Okay.
Karl: Goodnight.
Sarah: Goodnight.

[he gives her a quick peck on the cheek, then they begin to kiss passionately]

Karl: Actually, I don't *have* to go.
Sarah: Right. Good.
Karl: I mean...
Sarah: No-no that's good. Just, um, would you excuse me for one second? Just...
Karl: Sure.

[she moves round the corner, out of sight of Karl, dances a little jig for joy, then returns]

Sarah: Um, okay, that's done. Um, why don't you come upstairs in about ten seconds.

* * *

ai ai
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  1. Essa cena é muuuito boa! Ai ai msm!

  2. Um dos meus top movies EVER, definitely =D